an IELTS writing task 2 topic

TOPIC: Do senior citizens find it hard to adapt to the modern lives ?

In today’s rapidly developing society, elder people are having to get used to completely different lives compared to what they have witnessed in their times. Since being affected adversely by the modern lives, some of them find it hard to deal with problems in daily lives. However, in my opinion, a majority of the elderly still shows that they really adapt to the new conditions.

It is my belief that the development of technology, although causing troubles to senior people, still has a positive impact on their lives. It is apparent that they now no longer have to tackle the risk of being lack of food or drinks. Meanwhile, the 20th century experienced a large number of people who by no means left this world just due to starvation. In adition to more convenient lives, the elderly in the present also have chances to enjoy their lives with new hitech products, in which internet has become a close friend to many of them, especially when they have to stay indoors. With the advent of the internet, life seems to be easier to enjoy.
Along with the development of science technology, health care system now really has remarkable improvements, facilitating elders’ lives significantly. According to a recent survey conducted by WHO (World Health Organization), the common disease in old age pensioners tends to appear later. It is drawn a conclusion that simple tools at home for self-emergency really gives the elderly more opportunities to taking care themselves instead of anticipating external supports. This result also links to the effectiveness of system of well-eqquipped hospitals. Senior citizens by this way are able to live longer than the previous generation, and the consequence is that they feel the safety brought by modern lives.
Finally, there are more and more activities held for the elderly, thus relieving their bordom of lives and also fear of the death. Actually, special centers and clubs are being opened widely for them; hence, instead of spending too much time indoors without knowing to do any useful things, they could come to those clubs for entertaining themselves with various sorts of physical activities. By this way the feeling of youth comes back to them. Besides, along with supporting policies for the senior exclusively, the government also find approaches to make their environment conducive to them to enjoy in by a diversity of speacial program such as giving them more social benefits or buiding free house for single ones.

From all things concerned above, the elderly could entirely adapt to modern lives. A dull life just come to those who are stubborn to refuse the existence of new changes; in contrast, participating in leisure activities certainly enrich their lives.

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