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    Technology and communication

    Topic: Nowadays, communicating with others is faster and easier thanks to technology like email, cellular phones and beepers. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

    I would appreciate if someone helps me correct my essay.
    Should I combine paragraph 2 with 3?
    Can I write both "our lives" and "our life" in one essay?


    Today, it’s much easier to communicate with others than it was just a decade ago. We can send and receive messages instantly with a number of new technologies. This has improved our lives in many ways by allowing us to become more interconnected and knowledgeable about the world.

    A decade ago, the only way for people to communicate with each other was meeting face to face or writing letters. However, people living or working in different countries might be unable to meet each other. Sending a letter might take them four or five days to receive. In the way of being delivered, many letters were lost or misplaced. Moreover, it cost lots of money for traveling and sending letters if people lived too far from others.

    Nowadays, we are happy with the advance of new technologies such as email, cellular phones and beepers. People can talk with each other through mobile phones, chat through the Internet and leave a massage through e-mail or beeper if someone is not at home. Technology has indeed created an effective way for people to keep in touch with one another.

    In addition to this, new technologies like television and the Internet helps us get information quicker and easier. If an earthquake occurs in Japan, French people will hear about this news only few hours later. Moreover, people can read books or download music songs, movies, games, software, and pictures throughout the network. It is quite easy and cheap as some Internet web-sites are free for accessing.

    In conclusion, thanks to technology, people from all corners of the world are able to communicate with each other quickly and easily. It has changed our life for the better. In the coming year, we may hope to see an even greater number of new technologies are invented.
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    Re: Technology and communication

    My first suggestion to you would be to watch your tense shifts. If you are writing in present tense, than it must stay consistent throughout. Likewise, if you are writing in past tense. Be careful not to shift.

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