I enthusiastically agree. However, nowadays it is hard to live a perfectly healthy life because of conditions of the world (the weather changes by pollution, economic crisis, politic problems, the gm foods issue etc.). Therefore people can be extremely stressful, impatient and unmotivated.

Healthy life contains few basic matters and the first one should be human psychology. There is an old saying, Ďa healthy life starts with a healthy mind.í. So, people must try to find their inner happiness by questioning how they feel about themselves, their family, job, their loved ones or even pets. This could be anything, which gives positive effection and makes them cheerful and happy.

Eating and drinking habits take a major place in our lives and have a direct effection to our health. These days people in many countries are becoming committed to good food and self-cooking. To order dish is easier, but if it is cooked at home, people would be using more fresh ingredients and probably fewer additives. In order to make cooking at home more interesting, people could explore different cuisines and combine them in their style. Anyone considering changing their eating habits should remember that they have to fit in with how they feel, their way of life and the needs of their family or living companions.

And at last, hobbies and sports are required in a healthy life. Along with keeping the body dynamic, hobbies and sports can recharge people from stressful life. Instead of sweating for hours at gym, people could choose to swim, walk or do yoga and pilates. On the other hand, hobbies such as painting, playing instruments, dancing etc. would give opportunity to express themselves and to develop their skills.

Despite of todayís hard living conditions, people, who can accomplish to have all those matters above, are the luckiest human beings on earth.

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