Tourism is now the world’s largest industry, which provides benefits to countries in different areas, such as, economy, society and environment. For instance, tourism brings income into local economies and also creates many job opportunities. The World Tourism Council estimates that travel and tourism provides employment for more than 100 million people worldwide.

Tourists are motivated to visit a destination by information received from a generating marker that matches their needs and wants. ‘A tourist attraction is a system comprising three elements: a tourist-human element, a nucleus-central element and a marker-informative element. It comes into existence when the three elements are connected.’ formulated by Leiper. Travellers contemplate considers visiting or actually visit due to the characteristic of a place as the central element or nucleus of the attraction system. The definition of central elements would be ; history, nature, attractions or events, cultural differences, cuisines, pre-visit or visiting-friends-and-relatives. In order to keep attraction system working, city introductions should become reachable by internet, books, television and radio throughout the world. Moreover, the historical buildings of cities should be kept alive by renovation projects, as they are related to culture. Governments should invest on must-see sights since visitors, those live further away or who stay for a short time, are more likely interested in visiting those places.

In many places the introduction and development of tourism allows an opportunity of economical and educational growth for local people. In addition, it allows both the tourists and the local community a chance to experience other cultures. Furthermore, if properly used, tourism generated income can be tremendously beneficial to the host country and its local communities. Tourism generated income can be used on national and local level to improve education and infrastructure, to fund conservation efforts and to develop tourism.

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