I strongly disagree with this statement that internet can take book’s place. However, there is no doubt that internet has great potential and a lot to offer, for instance, communication, information, entertainment, services and e-commerce.

Obviously, today internet has become the most powerful tool for people throughout world. Although, it gives us the opportunity to reach any kind of information on any topic with only one click, those informations are usually self-monitored. In majority, very few internet sites are peer-reviewed, for example, professional society sites, journal sites etc. Moreover, people might trust those informal sites because of their good grammar or good formatting but we can not be sure that what we read is written according to reliable sources. Broadly, my recommendation would be that internet should be used as an enrichment tool and books should be our primary tool for learning information. Although it is true that internet-access makes life much easier and gathering information via the web is more quickie than any books, i do not think that internet can get any further than being the second tool of learning. Individuals could use the internet to gather history and general information about a certain topic or look for some afterthoughts but they should use a book to actually learn the topic because of the fact that books includes trustworthy source of information and they are better researched.

Finally in order to restate my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages about using internet to extend our knowledge, however, books have only advantages.

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