I utterly agree that studying abroad provides a life-changing experience to students and it also brings many benefits along.

There is no doubt that studying abroad has various advantages, however, we can not dismiss the disadvantages, for instance, people somehow has an impression that they would learn the local language of the country they went magically fast without any effort, unfortunately, that is wrong. Students still need to pay attention and study. Understandably, in a foreign country almost everyone goes through some culture shock and feel homesick. Individuals should give some time themselves to adjust to a new way of living which might take a while. And finally, students should consider the living expenses. Frankly, many countries does not allow the international students to work which means they will need backup from their families.

Despite the disadvantages, studying abroad offers so much that we can not turn our backs to it. First of all, studentís personality changes after managing to survive in another country, moreover, they will be gained memories that will last a life time. Secondly, students will have opportunity to meet people from all around the world and also they will be able to travel and experience the culture by themselves. Students could do an internship, volunteer assignment or work in the place which would give a completely different view of the country if they would work with the local community. Studying abroad would also add a critical career advantage as employers seek for workers who can communicate with others efficiently, who knows the important of cross-cultural understanding and an appreciation for different points of view.

To sum up, while studying abroad, students will have developed skills and attitudes that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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