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    Recently qualified- any advice?

    Hi there

    I have recently completed and passed my CELTA and am keen to start looking for work in the UK.

    Having worked with horses for many years before tackling TEFL, the only experience I have of teaching is on the CELTA course, so needless to say my CV is quite sparse!

    Does anyone have any tips or information when it comes to preparing a CV for that first teaching job, or just when it comes to job hunting in general?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: Recently qualified- any advice?


    Congratulations on passing your CELTA course! My advice would be to make your CV as relevant as possible - you say you spent most of your time working with horses, but presumably there was a bit of time spent working with people too? If so I'd emphasise your communication, interpersonal, organisational and leadership skills, as well as your CELTA qualification.

    I'd also look into doing a little bit of voluntary teaching at community centres etc to boost your CV further.

    Good luck!

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