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  1. E_van

    yooooooooooh !!!

    I wont to write , speak , see any body can comunnicate with me in English any where in the plants !

    I see this ( beautiful ) forum befor month age ..
    I can not write or seng any thing , beause i don,t see atopic from any frind wont to talk only .. talk !

    I am astudent , we learn English ..and we should speak English to remamber it .. is it correct?

    lets talk about novel ..
    what is the last novel did you read ? << is this correct?

    I am waiting

    and please don,t delete my bad topic .. please

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    Re: yooooooooooh !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by E_van
    lets talk about novel ..
    what is the last novel did you read ? << is this correct?
    Hello evan! How are you?
    >>> What is the last novel (that) you read?

    The last book I read was Veronika Decides To Die, by Paulo Coelho (the author who wrote the global bestseller The Alchemist)
    This is the story of a Slovenian young woman, who has everything she could wish for, yet can't see anything worth experiencing in her life. One winter's morning, she takes an overdose of sleeping spills...but instead of dying, she wakes up in a mental hospital, with only a few days to live....

    I'm not going to ruin the end!!...I let you read this book, it's really quite a good one (and easy to read)

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    Re: yooooooooooh !!!

    At the moment I am reading a thriller ' Almost Night' by Ann Prospero. It's about a brutal serial killer who murders successful, sexy and lonely women in Miami.

    A great thriller to read.


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