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    politic essay

    hello, could someone please help me edit this essay. It is an essay about the US hegemony decline; if i think that US hegemony is on the decline and how will it affect the rest of the world.
    thank you so much!

    The politics of hegemony: “single powerful state controls or dominates the lesser state in a system” (pg 131); following the Cold War United States emerged as the superpower with the economic and military capabilities to back it up. The United States had the hard power which is the capability to military hardware, technology capabilities, and economic size; and soft power which is the role of ideas, persuasion, and innovation to influence other nations. (pg 11) Historically hegemons rise and fall; the period of British hegemony began to decline following World War II (pg 132), the United States hegemonic powers are starting to erode slowly. With the decline of US hegemony the world would face chaos due to the lost of stability provided by hegemony.
    Generally periods of hegemony are temporary; hegemony tend to experience “imperial overstretch” Hegemons are inclined to take on large number of international commitments particularly military commitments. The investment in theses military capabilities draws resources away from the economy; thus increasing the nation’s debt and contribute to hegemonic decline (pg 132). One of the first and foremost reasons United States power is declining is due to costly foreign entanglements, this includes Iraq and Afghanistan, large amount of resource is used to fund these involvements, putting the United States in a deficit state. Furthermore to make matters worse regarding this deficit; the United States, in order to pay its substantial debts especially with the overseas police actions has resorted to borrowing large amounts of financial resources from China to keep the increasingly troubled United States economy afloat. “The danger is very real that a debt crisis could lead to a major weakening of American power.” Hence, without some fiscal change the United States could face the “fatal arithmetic of imperial decline”
    Also, if the Unite States continue to decline in its hegemonic power there could be dire consequence for the rest of the world. According to the Theory of Hegemonic Stability the existence of a dominant state willing and capable of exerting leadership in international economics affairs, is essential for the development and maintenance of a stable international economic order (pg 131). The hegemon uses its power in the system to establish rules, regimes, and provide the public goods needed to maintain the system; the implication is quite obvious, when there is no superpower or when superpower is in decline than the prospect of a stable system is poor. When a hegemon declines, the system becomes chaotic; during this period there are two options: one is the formation of a coalition of the great powers who possess the strongest military forces and the largest economies (pg 71) they come to an agreement on a new set of rules that all beneficial to all. Or the other is global war in which the great powers fight each other until one emerges as the new superpower. Comparatively, World War I and World War II broke out with many of the greats powers trying to take British’s hegemonic role following the decline of the its hegemony period in 1870 and disappeared after WW II (pg 132); with United States as the final winner in the war for hegemony.
    Furthermore, when the system is in chaos and the world is at war the world economy would suffer drastically; since resources will be used to fund military powers and development and not used for economic revitalization and domestic economic developments. Resources spent on fighting wars or overcoming chaotic global economic conditions would result in major recessions of the world economy and we could find ourselves face to face with another “Great Depression”. Without a hegemon to act as an enforcer of last resort, international and social conflicts therefore become more dangerous. Conflicts are more costly, because of security cost, war taxes, and military losses; such social protest during national crisis could elevate recessions. Without a hegemon to exert a stabilizing influence over international affairs, including the management of the world economy (pg 130); the world could face a major decline in its economy.
    Finally, as United States is dealing with its running deficit and its huge debt accumulated from its many involvements with international crisis, its capacity to maintain international order could suffer. If the United States does not come up quickly with a credible plan to restore the federal budget to balance over the next five to 10 years; it will likely result in its decline in hegemonic power. With the inevitable shift in the international distribution of economic and military power, the ability of the hegemon to maintain the system decreases. This could lead to a revolution with great powers fighting until one emerges as the next superpower, or the great powers could form a coalition with a set of new rules that is mutually beneficial to all. The world economy could face major recessions if another world war was to break out; with resources going into funding for military power and defense, little is left for the renewal and development of the economy. The hegemonic role of the United State right now is a stabilizing authority over international affairs, plus the management of the world economy, if the United States hegemonic power is eroding, we could find ourselves facing a recurrence of world war and a enormous world economic recession.

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    Re: politic essay

    would someone please edit this essay for me?

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