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    Use/lack of articles


    I found the following sentences in the media. I can see that the author has eliminated articles before nouns at the start of the sentences to keep them short.
    I am trying to understand the general rule one follow to write such sentences.

    • Article in the NY Times reporting that the SEC is reviewing trades by two directors of...
    • Company announced that a Cessna 100 aircraft flying fromů


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    Re: Use/lack of articles

    The only excuse in the above examples is if they were headlines, or even subject lines, to an article. As running text, the articles should have been present. Headlines fall under different rules, and the distillation of an article into the fewest number of characters is an artform that often results in some pretty hilarious results!

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    Re: Use/lack of articles


    I think it is a telegraphic style used for headlines of newspaper..

    See you later (I'm not a teacher).

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