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    topic: What are the functions of media?

    Media was invented to serve human, as time goes by, media has been developing and playing a big influence on society. It can be known as powerful tools, an indispensable part of life. In this essay, I will analyze some of the function of media on entertaining, business and policy
    First of all, media is a great way of entertaining because of the diversity it involves. Television, magazines and internet are the huge resources for people to get information. Besides that, there are thousands of website where people freely watch video, play games, read newspaper or even take part in an organization. For example, my father like reading daily newspaper, it not only helps him relax in the free time but also supports society news. It can not deny that, media have an important position in spirit of human.
    Secondly, media is essential to the business and economy of society. Foremost, business requires informative news about market; hence, the companies have right strategy for their business. To illustrate, people use advertisement on media to promote or protect their products as well. Likewise, the more effective promotion, the well-known they are. Media is really useful tools for the development of economy.
    Eventually, it can be said that, media is a connection between government and public. Through propaganda, the policies of government are popularized to community. This leads to the sympathy and encouragement with those policies. Furthermore, media is likely a common forum for citizens to expose, contribute and share their own opinions with authorities. For example, the information about an election is always available on the internet, television, radio and so on. It helps citizens have fully understanding about the person who they will elect. In this way, media have big effect on society.
    In conclusion, there are lots of functions of media that we can not possibly point out all of them. Media contribute their position on entertaining, business and policy of society. It is necessary to continue developing the advantages of media in the future.

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    Re: plz help me check this one!! many thanks

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