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Many people believe that everyone in this word deserves to have a special health care and be treated for free. However others disagree with this view and think that the people should pay for their treatments. In this essay I am going to look at some of the arguments for and against changing the free health service to be costing for all.

There are many reasons why people feel that governments should change the health service from free public service to private for all citizens. Firstly, the government canít afford giving all people free health service. For example, if the government pays lot of money for the health care sector that will affect many other sectors such as the education and development and many other sectors. In addition, not everyone deserves a free health care. For instance, there are many people are miss using the medical equipments which are costing the country lots of money.

On the other hand many people disagree with this view and some objections are as follows. First and foremost not everyone have the ability to pay for treatment and medicines costs because some of them are poor and spend their salary on their food and house rent and many other life expenses. One more reason for supporting them the free health service is that they think it is one of the citizens right to have a free medical care, while country can make it costly for the foreign, Last but not least it is a way to make the citizen satisfy about the services that the country provides in order to give his/her best to improve country and make it well known worldwide.

To conclude, I believe that the reasons for providing the citizens free health care service outweigh the reasons of make it private for the reasons that I have mentioned above, as I have said it is a way of making the citizen satisfy and do his/her best to give the country a good reputation among countries. This is however a personal view and doesnít negate the other opinion, which as we have seen has some merit.