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    Can You Work Out The Following Problems?

    Hi Everyone,

    I will trouble you to solve the following questions for me.

    1.Americans eat______ vegetables per person today as they did in 1910.

    A.more than twice twice as many C.twice as many D.more than twice as many

    As for question 1, can we choose D ?If not ,what is the correct form that has similar meaning with “D”?

    2.---Do you think it will be cool tomorrow?

    ---___________.It has been too hot for a week.

    A.I hope so B.I am afraid so C.So it is D.Of course not.

    3.—You haven’t lost the ticket ,have you?

    ----______.I know it’s not easy to get another one at the moment.

    A.I hope not B.Yes ,I have C.I hope so D.Yes ,I am afraid so.

    As regards to question 3,What’s the difference between “You have lost the ticket ,haven’t you” and “You haven’t lost the ticket ,have you?”

    4.—Jim,please don’t look out of the window.


    A.It’s right B.I know that C.Sorry ,I won’t do it again D.It doesn’t matter.

    For question 4,according to Chinese habits ,most of us will choose B. The case is that Jim haven’t looked out of the window.Maybe he is standing near the window and is going to look out of window.and at the time when he has heard “Jim,please don’t look out the window.”,he says “I know that ,which probably means that he won’t look out of the window because he knows it is risky t o do so..

    I can’t decide which one is right between B.and C. If “C” is right ,I wonder in the above-mentioned circumstance ,what the correct dialogue is according to native English speakers?

    5.—Don’t forge to give my best wishes to your mother.


    A.No ,I won’t B.Ok,I will C.Yes ,I won’t D.Yes ,I do.

    6.— I believe we have met somewhere before.


    A.It isn’t the same can’t be true C.I don’t think so D.I ‘d rather not

    If we use “impossible” instead of “it can’t be true”,then is B correct ?


    Thank you all.


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    Re: Can You Work Out The Following Problems?

    1- You could use c) or d) depending on the facts, IMO.
    2- a
    3- The second question sounds more exasperated
    4- c- to me, it suggests that he has looked, otherwise I would mention it
    5- a
    6- c is correct, but 'impossible' would work

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