Today’s life conditions, for instance, increased consumer demands for higher life standards caused people to work extended hours, which should have been maximum 48 hours a week averaged over 17-week period, is the one the negative impact on people’s lives throughout the world.

Frankly, the affections of tough life conditions made it hard to find the desirable work-life balance. As people do not have enough leisure time, they become more tired each day and starts not to do any activities. On the other hand, another factor that might keep people busy is the household chores, which might be the case of people with large families.

Furthermore, I can not dismiss the fact that individual’s may not be able to do any sport because of older age, therefore, they prefer to watch it on television or go to the stadiums in order to support their teams or athletes. Despite the fact that they are very interested in sports, some people really do not have the talent that is required, so they choose to watch people doing sports, instead of doing themselves. According to me, there are also individuals who wants to add sport in their lives, however, they do not know which sport would suit them, do not have friends to join or do not know where to go and sign up and of course there are such people that thinks they have done sports enough when they were younger and does not sees the point of doing it any further more as there is an opportunity to watch the games at home on high-tech television.

Despite our changing daily habits, we should put effort to add sport in our lives, moreover, there are plenty of ways to accomplish that no matter what our age is.

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