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    As an intern student I'll give a lesson and I have some problem about this help mee

    Hello everyone,
    Firstly I'm an intern student and I will have graduated after 2 months. This week I have to give a lesson in my internship school which is about reading. There are some passages and activities in coursebooks as you know and includes some exercises... Think about a subject for instance related to a country. how can I teach a reading part and make activities for the students. It seems like very easy but even now I'm getting excited.Because students proficiency is not enoough to understand their teacher in English they speak Turkish in lessons. But our head teacher from university does not let us to present our subject in class using Turkish. The problem begins with this. I am going to tell and explain the subject but if the students say that they did not understand anything what do I have to do? Finally, I'm going to teach in an inductive way. Could you give some opinion what steps should I follow? Last 5 days doing this I'm looking forward to seeing your commends..

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    Re: As an intern student I'll give a lesson and I have some problem about this help m

    hi..I think I am late for posting this because you said it was the last 5 days.. far as ı can,I ll try to tell what I know and apply in my English classes...
    Before ı start my reading lesson,I make my sts use other skills,as well...

    for example...they discuss the topic or brainstorm the words which they predict they could see in the text...
    or I let them listen a passage about the reading text..
    we read more than once...
    my sts do the given activity(matching,true-false or whatever)..
    as a close-up ,sts can prepare a different end for the text,
    or it can be a role-play , they can discuss the issue in the text..
    for a follow up activity, you can also use games,it works:)
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