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    When addressing Christmas cards with family name, "The Fendlers", is it necessary to use 's or just s after the name? If the name ends in an "s" do you add s'?

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    Re: Plurals

    (Not a teacher.)

    I would not use the genitive for this.
    "This is The Fendlers' card." would be an option, but you do not need it here!

    Either it will be sent to someone, or it comes from someone.
    (Or a family instead of someone.)

    So you can say:
    This card is for "The Fendlers"
    This card comes from "The Fendlers".


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    Re: Plurals

    (Not a teacher)

    If your name is just Fendler (as I assume it is from your email) then just "The Fendlers" is fine. Think of Homer Simpson and The Simpsons.

    If your family name already has the '-s' - Fendlers - then the correct form is 'The Fendlerses'. However, if that seems too much like a mouthful, then just 'The Fendlers family' would be fine.

    The apostrophe at the end (Fendlers') is used for possesive only.

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