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    Hi dear teaher
    A friend of mine has handed his CV to me!So i was wondering if you could check it and let me know if there's any mistakes as soon as possible.Thank you so much in advance.

    Date of Birth << REMOVED BY MODERATOR>>
    Marital Status Married
    Contact Address <<REMOVED BY MODERATOR>>


    IT (Programming,Designing,Communication,Developing)
    Mathematics (Algorithm,Analysis,Computation)

    May.2004-June.2005 MSc. Minimum Link Path with Visibility Constraints

    One of the problem in the field of computational geometry is the topic of finding the
    shortest link path between two points in a polygon. In this project, different algorithms
    for finding the shortest link path with visibility constraints has been reviewed. the aim
    here is to find a minimum link path between two objects such that there is at least one
    point on the path from which a given target object is visible.
    initialy, we attempt to solve this problem for a simple polygon and then we expand the proposed
    solution to a general case for polygon with holes.
    In the first case, we present an algorithm with O(n) time and space which solves the shortest
    link path problem between two points s and t in the simple polygon P with O(n) edge and the visibility
    point q. Furthermore, we review the query version of this problem by performing the preprocessing
    operation on P where three points s,t,q are given and the minimum link path from two points s to t
    with visibility q are provided in time o(log n).
    In addition, we review this case for three simple polygons S,T,Q with O(k) edge in time O(klog^2n).
    Expanding this approach for the latter case, we provide an algorithm with o(n^2log^2n).
    this approach should allow to further define the shortest link path, as defined in the first case,
    to a more complex situation, a polygon with holes.

    Feb.1998-June.1999 Bsc. Designing File manager & Console shell for Microsoft os

    In this project we designed a compact file manager with two powerfull programming language,
    Assembly and C++ . As mather of fact working with command line instructions in console mode are more difficult
    rather than visual environment with graphical user interface. The aim here is working with I/O instruction directliy,
    to achive the fastest I/O run time ,for example copying files with sufficient buffer , deleting files in tree view,
    searching files,... with optimized algorithm.


    oCT.2002-MAY.2004 sharif University
    Job title: Teacher Assistant
    Field : Discrete mathematics , Advanced Algorithm , Data Structure
    Nov.2001-to date Aladdin shoping center programmer, Tehran, Iran

    Job title: programming and designing traning softwares
    I joined the shoping center after my Bs graduation. As programmer responsible for designing training
    softwares such as c,c++,Autoplay,Install Shield,Photoshop,Office,Audition,....
    May 1991-to date Learning of Radeef as Iranian Traditional Music
    The Radeef is the basis of Persian Traditional Music.
    This musical system embodies the natuaral,cultural, and spiritual values of Iran and reflects
    the epics, joys, sorrows, passions, victories, and defeats of the Iranian People.
    Throughout history many musicians have gained a high degree of notoriety and respectability.


    Feb 15-17,2005: 10th Annual csi computer conference CSICC'2005


    1993 : candidate of the best santoor (iranian instrument) player , nominated by iranain refrees.

    1995 : Commendation award, in mathematics olympiad Shiraz University.

    cOMPUTER: I have worked in the fields of :
    Structural Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Database, Reverse Eng, Hacking, System programming,
    Operating System
    Also i have been working with many tools and programming languages such as:
    ( C, C++, C#, Assembly, Sqlserver,,, Php, Html, Javascript, Css, Install Shield,
    Autoplay Media Studio, Multimedia Builder, Director, SwishMax, Flash, PhotoShop, Delphi, Camtasia Studio )

    MATHEMATICS: (Algebra, Linear Algebra, Graph Theory, Number Theory, Computational Geometry, Complexity of Algorithm,
    Advance Algorithm, Parallel processing)


    Personal INTERESTS
    Martial Arts, Body Building, Swiming, Playing Santoor.
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