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    I have three questions regarding a sentence.

    "Since there doesn't seem much to talk about [regarding] Özlem on the forums for the time being, I thought maybe sharing the opinions of foreign people on Özlem would keep us busy until she releases a new album."

    1- Does the sentence as a whole make sense to the native speakers of English? If not, what would you suggest me to do?

    2- Is the word regarding in brackets needed where I put it or would it make the sentence into an ungrammatical one?

    3- If I replaced the phrase "keep us busy" with the word "do", would the sentence still make sense (If it made any sense in the first place, that is).

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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    Re: I have three questions regarding a sentence.

    1. I would change it to "much talk about" and "asking the opinions".

    2. I would omit it.

    3. Yes, "do" would be fine; here, it would mean "suffice".

    Best wishes,

    Not a professional ESL teacher.

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