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    Are these sentences correct. Please help.

    1) Malaysian cuisine had been influenced by Thai, Indonesian and Indian cuinese. The sweet and sour characteristic reflect the Thai cuisine characteristic, the spicyness reflect the Indian and Indonesian characteristic.
    2) Malaysian cuisine has Thai, Indian and Indonesian characteristic such as sweetness and spicyness.

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    Re: Are these sentences correct. Please help.

    The second sentence of the first example needs a lot of work:

    "The sweet and sour characteristic reflect..." should either be "The sweet and sour characteristics reflect..." or "The sweet and sour characteristic reflects..." depending on whether you are talking about two characteristics (a sweet characteristic and a sour characteristic) or one characteristic (the characteristic of sweet and sour, as a united flavour).

    The comma in this sentence, after "... Thai cuisine characteristic," should either be a semicolon, a full stop period, or a combination of comma and the word "and" (that is, " ... characteristic, and the ...." The two phrases that you have separated with a comma are themselves complete sentences; as such, they should be separated properly (with a semi-colon or a full stop / period) or combined with a conjugation ("and").

    The proper spelling of spiciness is this.

    The phrase "the spiciness reflect" should be "the spiciness reflects".

    And the last word should be plural as well: "Indian and Indonesian characteristics."

    Now, given all that in that one sentence, can you find the TWO errors in the second example by yourself and re-write the sentence properly?

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