Efforts to stop corruption in Sub Saharan Africa

The article opens:

Africa is widely considered among worlds most corrupt places, a factor

seen as contributing to the stunted development and impoverishment of many

African states. According to transparency international, a leading global

watchdog on corruption argued that of the ten countries considered most

corrupt in the world, six are in Sub-Sahara Africa and a 2002 African

union study estimated that corruption costs the continent roughly 150 billion

US dollars a year. To compare, developed countries gave 22,5 billion dollars.


The article is about the efforts made by President Yaradua to fight corruption

For it is assumed as the major factor contributing to Nigerias slow

development. Below are President Yaraduas efforts so far.

One, an effective rule of law revisited by him has helped to reduce corruption.

Two, an independent anti-cooruption sector to check the law enforcement

agencies in the country. Another factor is regular changes of leaders in

public offices. A typical example is what is happening in Nigeria where the

incumbent governor of the central bank of Nigeria, the EFCC Organisation

and the press decided to publish the non-performing loan which is

about 3 billion US dollars obtained by some companies and individuals
from the six rescued banks. The MD of these Banks were questioned and

sacked, the deptors were also given two months ultimatum to pay their

depts back or they start loosing their property. The African Courier revealed

that an amount of 2.5 billion dollars is recover