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    Arrow Glossary of English in Windows 7 -- installed but not running

    Dear All,

    I am writing to see if anyone can help with a problem related to the Glossary of the English Language, which I downloaded today. The problem is that I have installed this software but it is not working on my computer. Further details:

    -My operating system is Windows 7.

    -The error message I get says that the Version of the file is not compatible with the version of Windows I am using.

    -I have tried changing the Compatibility mode to "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)", and I have also ticked the box "Run the programme as administrator", but the same error message appears.

    Please could you indicate the steps I should follow?
    Many thanks in advance for your help,


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    Re: Glossary of English in Windows 7 -- installed but not running

    Hmm, sorry for the problems! We don't have a Windows 7 machine to test this on, but I'll try and find out what's happening. When I get somewhere, I'll reply to this thread.

    Fingers crossed!
    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

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