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    How do you pronounce "Cotton", "Button", "Britain", "Manhattan"...

    Hi All,

    When native speakers say the following words, in the word spelling they are "ton", "tan" "tain", sometimes I hear people would drop the sound of "o", "a", "ai", then they will pronounce "tn" sound only...but sometimes I hear people would say them without dropping the sound I mention the above....Could you please tell how to pronounce correctly for "Cotton", "Button", "Britain", "Manhattan"...?


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    Cool Re: How do you pronounce "Cotton", "Button", "Britain", "Manhattan"...

    These words are pronounced as it follows:

    Cotton ˈkɒt.ən
    Button ˈbʌt.ən
    Britain ˈbrɪt.ən
    Manhattan mænˈhæt.ən

    The vowel schwa "ə" can be pronounced or not pronounced sometimes. It depends if we want to stress that sound.

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    Re: How do you pronounce "Cotton", "Button", "Britain", "Manhattan"...

    I would say speakers either say the last syllable with 'schwa' as ac.lepioc said above, or indeed have no vowel at all in the last syllable. /n/, /l/, and sometimes some other sounds, can be syllabic. The difference between /ən/, and syllabic /n/ isn't much, and both are acceptable. /ən/ is standard.

    As a side note, all those words I would pronounce with a glottal stop. That is:

    Cotton -
    Button - /
    Britain - /ˈbrɪʔ
    Manhattan - /m

    Although, I don't speak standard. Just to show that pronunciation varies.

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    Re: How do you pronounce "Cotton", "Button", "Britain", "Manhattan"...

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