Coherence and cohesion seem to be always my essays' weak point. For the one below, I am not pretty sure about my reasons and my arguments. So please give me some comments if possible. Thanks in advance.
Topic: Is it the responsibility of a government to protect its citizens from natural disasters?

Never before has the human race witnessed the wrath of the nature more clearly than over the few past decades. Consequently, the importance of human safety, when we face natural catastrophes, has come into the spotlight. Some people maintain that it is totally incumbent upon a government to shoulder this highly demanding task. Such an opinion sounds naïve and superficial to me. From my viewpoint, both the government and citizens of a nation should join hands to share the responsibility.
In the first place, it is unquestionable that a government must consider ensuring the safety of its citizens as a duty and an obligation. When people cast their vote in any political election, irrespective of their option, they certainly share the same hope for the country’s stability and prosperity as well as for their personal development. Living up to these legitimate expectations is the very function of any regime.
Furthermore, a government wields sufficient power to take on this responsibility. As far as we might know, the so-called natural calamities such as draught, flood, typhoons etc to some extent take their roots in human activities. They are merely, direct or indirect, products of humankind. And state officials, with the legislatory power in hand, can identify and implement appropriate measures to avoid upsetting the ecological balance, thereby helping to keep devastating disasters at bay.
On the other side of the coin, the duty should also come back to people whose role in protecting themselves cannot be overstated. On the one hand, only with their cooperation can governments’ projects to shield them be in full swing. For example, mudslide in the rainy season would not be averted if they just turn a deaf ear on warnings against deforestation. On the other hand, they can exercise their right by airing their voice when state officials show signs of dereliction of duty or simply deal with the problem with token gestures.
All things considered it can be safely concluded that efforts from governments and citizens are a better cure for the problem.