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    Help to correct my text

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    Re: Help to correct my text

    Quote Originally Posted by LailaHanoi View Post
    Yesterday afternoon, soon after we checked our afternoon email check at the institution, we stopped by the front desk to have a chat with our guide, apartment finder, translator, and hopefully new friend Jeanette. During our conversation, Matthew asked, "So, why are Italians so skinny?", to which she gave. Jeanette enthusiastically responded with a rundown of Italian diet.

    For breakfast Italians generally eat have a small, sugar laced pastry and an espresso - that's all.

    Lunch time does not come until at least 5 hours later when everyone is heading home for siesta. For this meal they eat pasta and bread - a total carb-fest.

    If they get hungry in the afternoon they eat the abundant fresh fruit available.

    No one even starts to think about dinner until 8pm. For dinner they have meat and veggies (either cooked or in salad form). They douse everything in so much olive oil, Jeanette said, that they might as well be bathing in it. For dessert they eat more fruit.

    But what about all that gelato? Well, to them it's nothing special. They do eat it, but it is the occasional treat rather than a nightly ritual.

    I'm totally on board for the an Italian diet!
    note: I am always a learner.

    Another variation of Jeanette's description:

    Italians start their day generally with a small sugar laced pastry and an espresso. This light breakfast keeps them going for about 5 hours when everyone heads home for lunch and siesta. Lunch typically is carb rich but with home cooked pasta and bread. They keep fresh fruit handy, in case they get hungry between meals. Dinner at around 8pm includes meat and veggies either cooked or tossed in a salad.

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