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    West/Western China

    People say Western Europe, not West Europe. However, people say North American, not Northern America.
    Which is correct, west China or western China?

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    Re: West/Western China

    [QUOTE=sitifan;548562]People say Western Europe is a descriptive term, not a name...not West Europe Because "West Europe" is a name, and there is no place named "West Europe". But there used to be places called West Germany and East Germany. (at least their Anglicized names)

    However, people say North American, Because 'North America' is the name of a continent. not Northern America. This could be used as a descriptive term for the northern part of the USA.
    Which is correct, west China Because there is no place with that name. or western China? Again it is a descriptive term.
    Most people capitalize the W in "Western Europe", even though it's a descriptive term.
    [ /QUOTE]
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