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    Re: Is English an easy language to learn?

    I thinks it's too hard to learn it ,

    We must love English to learn when we didn't love it , we can't learn it
    we should be practice with other people they can speak good English
    To sum up i think it's too hard from me to speak and write good English ,

    Thanks ,,

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    Re: Is English an easy language to learn?

    frankly, it is VERY hard to master...

    Learning English isnít all itís cracked up to be...
    First, grammar muddies the waters,
    but idiomatic expressions only add fuel to the fire..

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    Re: Is English an easy language to learn?

    LEARNING English writing skills I think is the most difficuilt task, however learning speaking English is relatively easy. One could master it in only a few months. It could be done through myriad ways.

    But on the contrary learning English writing skills requires much effort, time and and patience. It is because of the fact that One learns the method of correct thinking before becoming a good writer. For example, one is quite good at the rules of compositions but lacks ideas; it would impossible therefore to write.

    It is my opinion and it could be wrong.

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