I'm trying to get accepted in one of my chosen universities in UK by applying through UCAS, where a personal statement is needed and it would be very kind you could overlook my letter.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am hereby applying for entrance to Hospitality Management/ International Hospitality Management for the 2010 autumn term.

The reason why I chose this one course is because it enchained me the most as I have encountered in my life many possibilities in which the knowledge of hospitality management is required. These past few years my interest in travelling has grown. Travelling is bound with hotels, hostels and motels which I found quite fascinating as there are so many of them and each one is different in its management, design and how it attracts (more) people. This is why I want to increase my knowledge about hospitality management so I could create my own ideas in my future career.

When I started my secondary school, I had been swimming for 8 years. In these years I gained my individuality to always work hard to increase my results and to motivate myself at times when my results were not enough to try harder and achieve the goal. From class 9 three months before graduation and my first exams I broke my both arms and later my right leg. The injuries did not stop me to pass all the exams successfully. After my injuries healed I quit swimming and joined my high school folk dance collective where I found myself very communicable and gained new friends. Thus I gained a valuable experience in team work. It means that we all needed to dance good in order to achieve better results as our collective got into the Latvian Song and Dance Festival.

I increased my communication and hospitality skills by working in a gas station “Statoil”. Having the opportunity to talk to customers and see what kind of methods the enterprise use to achieve their goals or to increase its profit, I gained more knowledge how hospitality works and significantly improved my understanding of the subject and further enhanced my interest in it. I have attended an international camp which was a good possibility for me to polish my English by speaking with other participants. These activities gave me valuable experience as well as satisfaction of hard work.

I want to study in the United Kingdom because it offers a wide range of possibilities to study my chosen course, new and different study methods which are more efficient and the positive attitude towards the students help them to achieve better results. Living in an international environment, seeing and sharing ideas with people who have lived in different culture excites and motivates me to do better to achieve my goal. The challenge of travelling to other country and living without assistance, becoming a part of a new group. I am looking forward to test my abilities and improve them in hospitality management and I am positive that the UnitedKingdom is the right place for my growth both on an academic and a personal level.

Thank you for considering my application
Yours sincerely