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    How to be professional in English?!

    Hi All,

    Hope everything goes well with all of you.

    This is my first post and really need your help urgently. My question is "how to be excellent in English language in all it's fields; writting, speaking, reading ... etc?"

    I wait suggestions from all concering the best books, which practisces should I do, best courses and any thing will aid me to accomplish my goal (speak, write, read ... etc. like American or British natives)

    Note: I live in Cairo, Egypt.
    Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.^^

    Mohammed Abdelsattar Ali
    Project Coordinator
    FutureTrans LTD

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    Re: How to be professional in English?!

    movies, movies, movies, books, movies, radio, TV, songs, movies, songs, UsingEnglish, movies, movies, TV, songs, books, newspapers, UsingEnglish, movies, books, books, ...

    That's the way I do! When you are tired of reading a book, watch a movie.
    When you watch/read something interesting come to UsingEnglish and share it with us. You will soon achieve a great improvement in your English.

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