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    Smile Need help, thanks.

    Dear teachers,

    I am writing an essay that is very important to me, and I indeed need your hlep to avoid ambiguity and minor grammar errors. Looking forward to your opinions. Thanks in advance.

    Working in China with a variety of companies in terms of size, industry, country origin and/or share-listing status, I have experienced a common phenomenon among these different companies.Whenever corporate general managers turned over for whatever reason, it would not be a surprise that the mid-level manager team were reshuffled within 6 months, that “better” strategies replaced yesterday’s “best”, and that budgets were re-bargained to boost management performance. To answer the question of why these “restructuring” phenomena happen, some researchers turn to corporate politics, and others cite contracting and agency theory for explanations.

    However, as these “restructuring” phenomena are quite widespread with firms, the question of whether the restructurings can create some positive value is more critical to all stakeholders. Therefore, how to measure the marginal value created, if any, between with and without the restructurings is of special interest to me. Because these “restructurings” involve both subjective human behavioral factors and objective, historical financial data, to conduct research on the value created by these “restructurings” will employ archival, analytical and experimental research methods. My zeal to measure the value of these restructurings and the challenges involved in the research process drives me to pursue a Ph.D. in accounting.


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    Re: Need help, thanks.

    budgets were re-bargained- renegotiated?
    phenomena are quite widespread with firms- I'd say 'among firms'
    I think you might be overusing " "


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