Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

“Did you show her your new dress?”
“I did, and she was duly impressed.”

duly impressed = as greatly impressed as was expected

Something went wrong with his holiday and he stayed in Varna.

went wrong = turned oiu wrong, failed to function

Jenny, isn’t it time you kissed your mother good night and went to bed?

Kiss you good night = kiss you and say “good night”

I have to have my tea in the morning or I can’t start work.

have = must

have = take

You’d better leave the umbrella in the hall where it’s getatable.

I prefer to have my refernce books where I can see them and where they’re getatable.

Getatable = which can be got at, it seasy to get at, iss well wihtin reach; a modern word formed by analogy with “readable”, “eatable”

He’s dead set against that plan.

Jack is dead set against the idea of marriage, which upsets Mary.

dead set agaisst = directly opposed to, in complete disagreement

He’s dead set on a naval career so we had better let him go to a Naval Training College.

Bursting out of his temporary accommodation he storms off into the night, dead set on disposing of his old childhood tormentors.

dead set on = determined to do

dispose of = to kill or destroy

Thank you for your efforts.