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    Re: stylistics

    Drama isn't like stories or poems--it's written to be acted out. You should read the whole play so that you can analyze it.

    First give a general view of a certain drama and after that, include the following features:
    Story and Plot

    What is the story about?
    Discuss the plot. Plot can have various plot-lines, different elaborations of story parts and combined to form the entire plot. You should, let's say, retell the drama tiny little details that are of a big importance for the main plot. Include the following features.


    When does the story take place and how can you see that? Specify main characteristics of the period a drama is taking place. Explain how they are connected with the drama.
    Is it a historical play staged in modern ways with contemporary settings?


    State where the drama is taking place and whether that place is somehow important for the main plot.


    Point out social and cultural class of the characters and find any supportive evidence in the text.


    First, find out who the major and minor characters are.
    Find some specific evidences that will help you establish the character's appearance and physical behavior.
    Explain why do you imagine the characters the way you do.
    Are the characters sympathetic, unsympathetic ore both. Explain your answers.
    Does the character see himself the way that other characters do? Why?
    Why do characters have the characteristics they do? Are their good or bad characteristics influenced by something? Explain.
    Are their deeds influenced by something or by some other characters?
    How is their behavior connected with social background and their surrounding?


    Work out the dramatic structure of the play, including the overall diagram of exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action. Is the play composed of a number of small actions leading up to the big one? Does it consist only of several "big" actions? Is there some other kind of dramatic structure? Is the structure directly related to what is happening to the protagonist? What does the structure of the play suggest about the way the playwright views the world?
    Is there a major confrontation in the play? If so, what sort of confrontation is it? Who or what is involved? Does the confrontation lead to any recognition or change in awareness on the protagonist's part, either about herself/himself or about the world she/he inhabits?
    Is the action of the play "realistic"? Does the play portray something one might have a fair chance of encountering in "real life"?


    What is the central intellectual concern (or theme) of the play? Is the author trying to make some point about people? about life? about society? about something else?
    Most dramas involve a central "problem" that is revealed as some sort of conflict. How does the author represent this conflict in the play? How does the author resolve the conflict?

    What kind of a message does the playwright put across?

    When you are done with these features, the language is next. In this case, you can use the features regarding the language of prose. You have it in some previous posts.

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    Re: stylistics

    Thank you very very much.

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    Re: stylistics

    Looks great! A lot of great thoughts!

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