Why do you go to university?
Going to university is one of the most important and also enjoyable parts of anyone's life who has experienced it. In my opinion university is a gate that prepares you to enter the real world. Furthermore you master in a specific field with the aid of facilities which in university are provided for you. In this way some people, I mean teachers and professors, help you find your appropriate way and accelerate your progress.

I believe that university time is period in which you would be prepared to enter the real world. All who experienced university probably felt that in university all things and people are more serious that high school. For example you should choose your courses yourself. Your parents aren't here to help you especially when you leave the family for the university and live far from them.
Also it's possible that you get involved in a position or situation that you have never experienced ever. For example I had never attended in a class in high school in which both boys and girls took part, but in university I did so. So some years later, when I had to work with some feminine co-workers I hadn't any difficulty with them.

In university you are provided with facilities that help you master in your field of interest. Namely you can be a member of your reach university's library and benefit of its various books. For another example I can say that in university you have opportunity to connect to web with high speed connection freely and you know that internet is so instructive.

In university skillful teachers and professor are available to guide you to find the best way. During my studentship several times I consult with one of my teachers and he helped me figure my problem out.

In brief if I will be born again, definitely I go to university. Aside from that it prepared me for my current profession, I learnt a lot of thing that after the university helped me handle my life, both my personal and marital life.