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    Writting a formal letter

    I have to write a letter to a University to which I want to apply. I need some information from them abut the terms of apllying like: what certificate of language they require, are my certificates valuable, and what are the rigt of foreign citizents..
    I would honestlly appreciate if You could give me the basic thing of how to do it. I am also not sure to whom to adress it, since I write to university, not to a particular person.
    Please reply

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    Re: Writting a formal letter

    (Not a teacher)

    Is it a British University? If so, it will likely have an international students department that should be who you contact. The university is likely to have a website; check it out, it should have loads of information for foreign students wishing to study there. They will also provide a contact email/address for you to contact them if there is anything you wish to ask.

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