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It is with great pleasure that I submit my “research interest letter" depicting my research interests and experiences, for a Graduate program (MSc) in Toxicology at this esteemed University of Saskatchewan. Currently, I have completed a comprehensive undergraduate degree in Industrial biotechnology, with cgpa of 7.84. at Bharath University, India. This program has prepared me well for the graduate education, I now wish to pursue.
Right from my school days, I have been interested in field of research. In high school, I attended additional biological courses that included theoretical training as well as work in laboratory. My passion for research and biology led me to choose Biotechnology as my major in undergraduate program. MY academic preparation in subjects includes Biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, biology, biotechnology, microbiology, Ecology, Chromatographic separation etc., as my major.....this classes elaborated me with both theoretical and laboratical knowledge. I have always enjoyed and been strong in areas that require problem solving, analytical and research oriented skills.....
Along with my class studies, my interest in research led me to attend and participate in Scientific conferences, Workshops, National seminars, symposiums.., which further piqued my interest in research field. Therefore, utilizing the opportunity my presentations which includes on as "Biodegradation of oilslick through application P.Putida in hydrophytes by rDNA TECHNOLOGY” which deals with degrading cilslick as it prevents oxygen decomposition affecting marine life by depleting o2 concentration. So, if the characteristic genes of p.putida are inserted in hydrophytes through rdna technology, hyrophytes itself can degrade the oillayer possessong the characteristics of putida. And presentations include such as" Torulopsis candida based sensor for estimation of BOD", which elaborates rapid BOD estimation using microbial sensors, which combine the use of immobilized microorganism (Torulopsis candida) and dissolved oxygen electrode. And further presentations includes such as "Microbial fuel cells to generate electricity from waste water" briefly describing microbial fuel cells (anaerobic micro organisms) was set up with waste water as fuel in anaerobic condition. The set up is similar to an electrochemical cell, with waste water in anode chamber and copper sulphate solution in the cathode chamber. And one of my presentation won second place award. These presentations gave me direct experience in understanding the discipline of toxicology field. And favorably had the pleasure to meet many Scientists, Professors and to affirm my intrapersonal ease on pursuing Toxicology.
Motivated to learn more, I took part in 15 days workshop on “molecular biology, and rDNA technology" which boosted me in gaining deeper practical knowledge and strong laboratory skills. My further research experience includes a two months project at an acclaimed research institute Global institute on " Isolation and Identification of food contaminating microbes" performing hands-on-experience in Biochemical tests, morphological tests,PCR and monitored equipment performance, evaluated efficacy of several chemicals, maintaining biohazard and radiation safety standards.
From these truly interesting academic experiences my interest of research in toxicology grows up. Toxicology had always fascinated me right from my undergraduate studies. My first introduction to the Toxicology field came in a Scientific Conference held during my very first year. As I listened to experts speak about various toxicants,its effects on environment and ongoing researches in toxicology, I was intrigued. The world of “toxicants’, “its biological effects" and "its harmful effects on living organisms”. This class fascinated me with the basic and aroused in me a keen interest of toxicology science, motivating me. In the last 2 years, I have continued to learn about Toxicology on topics such as the various aspects of insecticides use and abuse, evaluated the efficacy of several chemicals, effects of toxicants on environment, range of toxic problems that scientists were trying to solve, and practical work includes to monitor and analyze toxicants,ensuring proper handling of potentially hazardous chemicals and biological agents... my bachelor degree, has provided me with both theoretical and laboratical experience.
From my course and experience, I acquired knowledge in legal aspects of toxicology, Chemicals in the environment, and biological effects of toxicants. I have a strong desire to pursue my further studies in Toxicology, thus allowing my blooming on the personal level as well as professional. All of this has lead to aspire a research in field of Toxicology.
Two courses that piqued my interest are an interdisciplinary course: Veterinary and Wild life Toxicology, because of its exposure to general principles of terrestrial toxicology and its studies on the effects of environmental contaminants on wildlife population, and factors affecting wildlife toxicity and contaminant availability..As it deals towards balancing effects of toxicants at the expense of wildlife preservation. The other course that increased my interest is: Ecological and Aquatic Toxicology, because of its connection with factors effecting toxicity on aquatic life, and its research dealing with effects on their physiological and metabolic pathways. And other course related to toxological techniques also interests me as it deals with study of various biological methods and techniques implied to determine the toxicity, interpreting its effects on environment. These are my strong interests because I believe they are critical fields, and needs to achieve efficiency and access the natural life.
As this courses are relevant to my research interest , studying the harmful effects of physical and chemical agents on living organisms,biologicals effects of toxicants and legal aspects of toxicology. I plan to capitalize these strengths as they emphasizes a deep research and preventive measures, rather than tertiary care.. Of an exceptional motivation I strongly myself in academic and professional activities to carry out my objectives.
The ambitions which I have just exposed would not be realized without a solid theoretical background and a strong research experience in the toxicology field. I am deeply convinced that Saskatchewan University of high reputation is the best way of concretizing my future, as it provides graduate students with diverse array of potential research opportunities, with an outstanding curriculum. It’s a unique chance to receive high-level education under guidance of strong scientists and excellent research areas.
A completion of this graduate degree in this esteemed university will be an excellent springboard for my future career.As my academic goal immediately after graduation is to obtain a PhD in this field As it helps me to achieve my goals of furthering my education through the specialize course work and research area.