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    be "at" someone

    "It's been hell for him, both Piggy and Jack endlessly at him, everyone relying on him."

    Is it saying "bothering" somebody?

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    Re: be "at" someone

    It isn't completely clear to me, but it seems to be this meaning of 'at someone' - 'Piggy and Jack endlessly nagging at him'. Where 'nag' means 'to annoy, usually by complaining about faults'.

    It's a common way to express this idea, although I usually hear it as 'get at someone', which is why I said it isn't completely clear if this is the meaning in this instance. Some examples where it means 'nagging':

    My mum's been getting at me all morning about not cleaning my room.

    His wife's constantly at him about not putting down the toilet seat when he's finished.

    You get the idea

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