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    letter to a judge please asap!

    I need to write a letter to a judge asking for lienancy. I am the victim in this case but unlike a usual victim, who would probably ask for the maximum sentence, i need help in asking for the least sentence possible. I cant think of the proper words to express how i feel, i need to explain that people do and can change if given the oppurtunity despite of all the wrong doing in the past, please help me, THANK YOU ALL
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    Re: letter to a judge please asap!

    I give you sympathy for the predicament you have found yourself in.

    I am not sure about the justice system in the US, certainly not your specific state, but as far as I know, it would be forbidden to communicate such an intention directly to the judge. It would be more acceptable to talk to your lawyer, or whoever is representing you in court, about the matter as they are who directly communicates with the judges.

    It's better to wait for others who know more about the justice system there specifically.

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    Re: letter to a judge please asap!

    Thank u for your concern. I am actually working with his lawyer i do not have a lawyer. He is my ex boyfriend in which i had a troubled past with but he and his lawyer are asking me to write a letter in his favor in which i am willing to and it is ok if i being the victim writes a letter here in the US. I just need help wiith the proper words to say i need to say that he is a good father and that he deserves a second chance despite everything that has happend and that i have moved on i hold no "grudges" or nor do i hate him i forgive him the events that ocurred between us are long past me i have moved on already (sorry if im giving you to much info) i just really need to sound sincere and i want to help him because he really can be a good person and i need him to be a father to our son who misses him very much. Thank you again

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