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    Re: further practice

    Quote Originally Posted by Kondorosi View Post
    Close but no cigar. Congratulations for the IT part of diagramming, though.

    'in good health' only metaphorically, or not even so, is related to space. It means he was healthy, pure and simple.
    See these tests:

    He was [young] and [in good health]. -- coordinated adjective
    He seemed in good health. -- 'in good health' works with other copulas
    Where was he? -- This is not a question tho elicit 'in good health'.

    --> 'in good health' does not behave like a predicate adjunct (a prep. phrase in adverb function after a linking verb) because it is not a predicate adjunct, but an EDIT: subjective complement (adjective after a linking verb).

    Make more diagrams and put them in for discussion.
    Thanks God, it wasn't cigar otherwise it would polluted the Forum Thanks Kondorosi for guidance and help, I will try to make more diagrams.

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    Re: further practice

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