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For future career success, is relating well to other people more important than studying hard at school?

When it comes into the future career success, I agree with this point that good relation with other people is more important than hard-working at school. No one can deny the fact that study hard in school can make you more competitive in future career success. But this is not the most essential factor to decide who will be hired or who have the opportunity to promote.
First of all, people is the one make decision. A manager can hire you because you was the one he likes. A boss may give you promotion because you perform well in the company..Nowadays students from university are facing the crucial competition of find a good job. Maybe hard-study at school can give you a good opportunity. However one who has intern-ship with that company definitely may get the job finally. This is due to the advantage that he has been known by the company. A company will take little risk to hire a person who has worked for it rather than a person who may not fit to the job even he is study hard at school.
Getting a good job can relating well to other people, there is no need to say that promotion works the same way. The different point is the competition may starts at the same level for they are at the same star line in the company. And who would be the one to promote has no connection with studying hard at school. It may depends on the overall remarks given by their boss.
Moreover, study is relate to your career, but is not necessary for your future career success. Take Bill Gates for example, he was the one not finished his university but honored the richest person in the world. What a huge success he made in his career! You may say that be richest people is the only exception, which only one Bill Gates in the world. However, when you do research about the rich person in different country, you can find a lot of success business men have not even finished their elementary school. After born in the proverty,some find their own way to earn their money: begin saling rubbish collected from streets, earn their living by washing dishes and so on. You can now draw to the conclusion safely that future career success depends on relating well to other people rather than studying hard at school.