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    Kindly edit my letter

    Hi everyone,

    Please find time to check my letter below. Many thanks in advance.
    __________________________________________________ ____

    Date : 27 January 2010
    To : Car and Services
    Attention : Mr. Abdel Fatah
    Subject : Transportation services
    Telephone No. : aaa-bbbb
    Fax No. : aaa-cccc

    Dear Mr. Fatah,

    Please send me pamphlets and brochures of your available tourist buses.

    I came to know your services through an article published by the Daily Tribune. This is a timely scenario since we will be having a field trip in Damman on February 28, 2010 wherein we will be hiring a special and unique tourist buses. I would like to consider your services.

    I will appreciate it much if you can also send me a copy of the terms, conditions and cost of hiring your special buses.

    I am looking forward hearing from you as soon as possible.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ddddd E. Fffff

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    Re: Kindly edit my letter

    Thanks for a million Gillnetter.

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