"Some people think the government should increase the sports facilities to solve the public health problems. However, others think that other measures should be taken to help resolve this problem. Discuss both views and give your own opinion."
Nowadays, public health is increasingly drawing more and more attention. When it comes to whether doing sports can solve the problem is a blessing or a curse, people hold divergent views. Some people believe that the government should increase the sports facilities while many others argue that other measures should be carried out to help resolve this problem. From my own perspective, I am in favour of the later point of view.
There is no doubt that sports facilities are not the only way out in terms of solving public health problems. To begin with, it seems that technology is the most important part which ensures everybody to remain healthy. For example, medical injections are used all over the world to both prevent and treat any health hazard. Moreover, the government should invest money to improve the public environment. Specifically, a better environment usually leads to less health issue. Last but not least, education of health care is essential. In other words, the government should express the importance of public health and introduce measures to people about how to prevent general viral transmission.
On the other hand, it is worth pointing out there are also arguments supporting the opinion that the government should increase the sports facilities to solve the pulbic health concern. The funcamental reason for this is that excercising can keep people fit. Obviously, more sports facilities does improve human constitution by allowing people to take more excercises. Having said this, however, an apparent problem with this opinion is this is not the only measure. Thus, we should not overlook the fact that there are many other options to overcome this issue.
On the basis of above discussion, I would concede that building more sports facilities is a good way of solve health problems. Despite that, there are many other measures such as improving technologies, environment and express awareness of health care can resolve the issue.