Hi!!!!! This is my essay of motivation! I tried to do my best and may be now don't see some mistakes! I do hope to hear your advice! What do you think about the structure? Please! I need your help!

My name is J. I have recently graduated from S State University of E, Faculty of Linguistics, Country. I am writing to provide further background information in support of my application for the Master's programme of Linguistics.

I live in Saint Petersburg. The city was conceived by Peter the Great as the «Window to Europe». In the 21st century with expanding cultural and financial relations Russian is open to European countries as never before. The process of cross cultural communication and international cooperation is very fascinating (gripping) for me since early ages. My specialization at the University was Translation and Interpreting. In order to achieve high results in my profession I had been working part-time as an interpreter during 5 years of study. There I obtained an essential experience in my specialization and personal development. Moreover it afforded me to travel to different countries on holidays and see the world. I am very interested in studying new languages as well as the cultures of other nations.

Practically every summer I enjoyed working as a mentor in summer camps. In 2005 I had an international group of children from Germany and Russia. My main task was to assist them to improve their language skills and to discover national features through the variety of activities. We organized theatre performances, played sport and picnicked with guitar songs. That period of time gave me the unique chance for observations on cross cultural mutual influence. With the help of children who are free to express their feeling and emotions I became very interested in the issue of relation between language and emotions and the view to the language as the «window to human mind». I became a member of the Cognitive Linguistics Discussion Group and took an active part in researching projects. The question of how languages express the emotional involvement of the speaker was the topic of my term papers in the third year. I finished it with excellent results.

Driven by passion to the Spanish culture and literature I began to study the language of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Federico Garcia Lorca. I have been attended courses of Spanish with native speakers in Saint Petersburg during four years. Last I summer improved my language skills in the language programme in Spain. This was one of the most memorable periods in my life. I enjoyed studying the richness of language and culture, met a lot of interesting people and made new dear friends. Also I was impressed with a friendly and inspiring way of teaching. Partly it influenced on my next career step.

Now I work as a teacher of English at the International Language School. Graduated from the University I have solid foundation of linguistics knowledge, although I tend to know more. My long term goal is research work in cognitive aspects of language. I am applying to this Master programme as I to research in this sphere. It seems to me that Master degree would be a crucial step forward to this goal. Last autumn I was working as an interpreter in country and visited N. I knew about strong reputation of high qualified D educational system, but I was very impressed with friendly atmosphere of University I look forward to get a chance to be a student at your University.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration of my application.