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    Distinguishing between Defining and Non-Defining Relative Clauses in This Question ??

    Hi! I have an English exam very soon, so I need the answer of this fast.

    THE QUESTION SAYS: Decide whether these sentences contain defining or non-defining relative clauses:
    1- The person who is talking to Carrie is her uncle.
    2- He comes from Seoul which is the capital of South Korea.
    3- Carrie who has never been to Seoul would like to go there one day.
    4- She would like to meet her cousins who have never been to America.
    5- She goes to a school which is very popular in Santa Monica.

    Thanks previously.

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    Re: Distinguishing between Defining and Non-Defining Relative Clauses in This Questio

    I hope this helps you decide whether these sentences are defining or non-defining relative clauses.

    Defining clauses give important information which tells us exactly what is being referred to.

    That book which you lent me is really good.
    Everyone who got to the sales early found excellent bargains.
    The person who finishes first will be the winner, of course.

    Non-defining clauses add extra information, separated by commas in writing, and intonation in speaking.

    The book, which I hadnít read, was still on the shelf.
    Davidís sister, who likes cats, offered to take one of the kittens.
    Helen picked up the book, which had a green cover.


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