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    worthy of a free people?

    I think I do understand this pattern:

    sth./sb. +be+worthy of+something(not somebody)

    e.g. 1)You're worthy of a loan. (You deserve a loan. )

    2)The idea is worthy of consideration. (The idea deserves consideraton. )

    3)He was worthy of her. (He deserved her. )

    I have no trouble understanding those above. But then, there comes this one which really baffles me:

    ...the spirit of enterprise worthy of a free and industrial people.

    (the spirit deserves a people???)

    Could you please explain the last one for me? Thanks very much.

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    Re: worthy of a free people?

    I assume this is describing a state where people might not be free or industrialised, or only partially. However, they show a spirit of enterprise which would do credit to a free and industrial people.

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