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    3 tenses in 2 sentences

    Dear teachers,
    Could you help me with these sentences? I'm sometimes still lost when it comes to use the tenses. May I use in those three sentences the tenses I have used?

    Although the climate summit has already ended, ecological exhibitions will have a long-lasting impact on the Scandinavians. The famous RETHINK - Contemporary Art & Climate Change (The Nordic Exhibition of the Year 20092010) conferences were held in three places in Copenhagen.
    This is an article about the summit and those sentences are supposed to be an opening.
    I'll be really gateful for your comments and corrections.

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    Re: 3 tenses in 2 sentences

    The tenses are fine. I would be tempted to remove 'already' as it finished when scheduled and maybe change 'three places' to 'three separate/different locations'. You could also say that the summit 'is over'.

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