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    contemporary art

    Dear teachers,
    Could you give me some comments on my work? I'm especially concerned about the reference.

    It is placed in a glass multi-storey catwalk linking the old 19th century building with the new gallery building. The installation has been designed by T.S. from Argentina. It is the biggest installation made by this famous artist. Audience can come in to the largest of the spheres on the level of the second floor. However, it is hard to keep one’s balance in the sphere and the visitors often fall over or walk on all fours. For them the experience is amusing but those standing and watching them from the ground floor are frightened. Such view reminds of visions, which have so far appeared only in the minds of science-fiction writers.

    I'm not sure, but I fell tenses are mixed-up too.
    I'll be really grateful for your comments as I do not think I can cope with it myself.

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    Re: contemporary art

    Hello Cat's,

    It looks quite good to me. You might want to doublecheck the absence of articles. The use of the present perfect in "has been designed" might not be every speaker's choice; but I wouldn't call it wrong.

    The main problem is the last sentence, which you might want to look over again.

    Best wishes,

    Not a professional ESL teacher.

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