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    a feedlock learner?

    Someone asked me this question over the Internet:
    Are you a feedlot learner or a grazer? ....and I don't understand neither feedlot nor grazer...Can anybody help me here ,please?...Thanks...
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    Re: a feedlock learner?

    I can't say for sure, but it sounds to me like a distinction between two sorts of learning: 'chunks' of study ("feedlot") or constant little intakes of information ("grazing"). The word "graze" is related to "grass"; grazing is how sheep (and many other herbivores) eat.

    I've never met the word "feedlot" though; and the more common term for taking in small bits of information is 'browse'. (Interestingly, this word is related to herbivores eating too, but at the level of their brow: a goat sometimes grazes and sometimes browses.) But the metaphorical use of "browse" (information, reading-matter) is more common than the 'animal feeding' meaning. This might be heard in a bookshop: 'Would you like to buy that, or are you just browsing?'


    PS In Shakespeare's time, the 'feeding' sense was stronger. When King Lear disowns Cordelia he says 'Browse where you will, you will not house with me.'

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    Re: a feedlock learner?

    In North America, a feedlot is what we here would call either a field, where the animal grazes natural grass, or a cattleyard, where it is fed on hay and cowcake.

    So as Bob suggests, from the context, it seems to ask whether you are a person who learns by learning chunks provided to you [a feedlot learner] or someone who learns by dipping in and out of books or whatever [a grazer].

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