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    Smile write a litter to retire school principal

    some ideas have been suggested.
    1) we should hold a farewell party for past and present with the principal as our guest of honour.this would give the principal an opportunity to meet and chat with everyone.we could hire caterers to provide extra furniture and special refreshments.

    2)we should compile a book of the history of the school with memoirs and photographs contriuted by past and present pupils,to be presented to the principal at the end of term assembly .we may even be able to have it published with the help of some of our past pupils,so that anyone will be able to buy a copy.

    3)the present pupils should write and perform a play about the achievements of the school and invite past and present pupils,and,of course,the principal,to attend .we may even be able to get some past pupils to take part and put the play on at a theatre rather than in the school hall.

    As the head prefect of the school,u have been asked by your teacher to decide which would be the most appropriate and memorable of these ideas.

    1) explaing why this celebration is to take place
    2)giving details of the event you have chosen and why you think it will be the most appropriate for the occasion
    3)saying when and where it will be held
    4)inviting them to attend and to contribute in whatever way they can.

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    Re: write a litter to retire school principal

    This is clearly an assignment, and our forum rules make it quite clear we do not do people's homework.

    You must make an attempt. If you then post what you have done, we can comment.

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