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NO, You Clean It!
“Tiffany could you make sure that the kitchen get clean and the living room vacuumed. Jonathan, be sure to cook the children dinner and please make sure they actually eat it. Ms. Tanya, the kids need a nap at 3:00pm and don’t let them sleep for longer than two hours or else they’ll be up all night and don’t give them too many sweets. Tiffany, make sure you clean up behind them. I don’t want to come home and my house looks like a pigsty. Thank you so much each one of ya’ll and I will pay you at the end of the week,” says my mother as she runs out the door, headed for work. Growing up, I had a maid, Tiffany, a chef, Jonathan, and a babysitter, Ms. Tanya. All of my household chores were assigned to a certain individual. The only one who really had a “chore” was my older brother, Dameron, and he didn’t even consider that a chore. His job was to take the dirty dishes to the sink, where Tiffany washed them, and take out the trash whenever she was completed cleaning. Society would say, “Wow, your family has a lot of money.” Some would tell my parents that they were damaging our minds, my siblings and i. they believed that raising us with maids and cooks, that we, my sister and I, would be horrible housewives. Society views a perfect household as the mother doing all the inside work, i.e. cooking, cleaning, and laundry; and the husbands being the “bread winner” or “bringing home the bacon.” Mainly providing for his family. Him working long hours or cutting grass and raking leaves in the fall, and fixing and maintaining the electronic items in and around the house, making sure that everything is running and functioning properly. Personally, I believe that the work should be separated evenly among the family.
In many households, the father is the one who makes the money while the wife stays at home and tends to the house and watches the kids. I talked to a couple of my fellow classmates and in a majority of their households, the workload is divided equally. One of my classmates even grew up with the infamous “chore chart”. Each person in the house tends to their own space. For instance, the children would be required to make their beds and clean their rooms before going on with their daily plans. Some of the males stated that they were required to take out the trash, mow the lawn, or helping their fathers change the oil in the car or something of that nature. However, my brother was never made to fix the car. Sure, he watched, but he was never instructed to help. One might say, “Your brother’s going to be useless if the car breaks down.” I find it hilarious if those same people were to meet Bell Roberts now, they would be stuck pulling their feet out of their mouths, my big brother is an Aircraft Mechanic for the United States Marines. The females in the family were required to work inside the house. Like I stated above, their jobs were to cook and clean all day.
In 2009, you see many women in high paying positions at their jobs. While I was gathering information for my essay, one particular gentleman went off topic toward the workplace. Knowing that my essay isn’t about the workplace, I figured I’d listen anyway only because I thought he would tie it in along with household duties.
I asked him, “Who is the president of UNT?”
“Umm, I can’t think of his name at this point, why?” he stated looking confused.
I began to laugh.
“Why are you laughing? Is this a joke?”
Trying to calm down from laughing, I whisper, “HER name is Dr. Gretchen M. Batallie. The president of our university is a HER not a HIM!”
Looking puzzled he shouts, “Hell Naw, ain’t now way a female can run this entire university.”
Now at this point I’m able to see his point of view when it comes to males and females. Setting him up, I asked him why he felt this way.
He responds, “Because a man should be doing all the hard work while the woman stays at home. I don’t understand why we’re even discussing this. Women have no place in the workplace. The worst bosses are women because they’re too emotional and insecure. Just wasting everybody’d time, especially when they’re on their period! They make the worst staff members; they talk the most and always give you lip when you tell them to do something. Women are meant to balance the home and home budgets. Their duties, first and foremost, have always been about carrying babies on their backs, and standing next to a hot stove with a spatula or some other cooking implement in one hand, and a broom in the other. Those are things women should be balancing, as they stand barefooted, ALWAYS IN THE HOUSE. Not taking care of a huge university! Men are made for that. Leave the long, hard hours for ‘The Man.’ The least a good woman SHOULD do, come evening time, is make sure the children are taken care of, the dinner is made and served on time, the clothes are neatly pressed and folded, and that a man should be waited on, hand and foot, from the moment he enters the door after work (where she takes his shoes and socks off) through the moment he steps out of the shower into his pajamas before going to bed. I say, we as men, must make our stand today. We must put women in their place. They cause too many problems. Ya’ll need to learn to speak only when spoken to. That’s what my father taught me and that’s what I’m teaching my kids.”
At this time, I’m thinking that his point of view is probably the same as majority of men in our country. I looked at him with such anger in my eyes, I’m not sure why, knowing that his statement wouldn’t affect society in any kind of way. He’s just a stupid boy who was raised on stupid beliefs. I was appalled that a household would raise a young man on such idiotic beliefs. He should have been born with cavemen with a mindset like that. Just thinking ahead to his future, I wonder what will happen if he meets up with a woman with beliefs like mine. So I just left the lobby. When he stated that women should have a broom in one hand and a spatula in the other, it reminded me of an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. Patrick and Spongebob found a baby clam and decided to take care of it until it got big enough to tend for itself. They made an agreement that they would take the “double-shift” while tending to this baby clam, Patrick would work during the day, taking on the make role, while Spongebob cared for the baby and the household duties, taking on the female role. But every night when it was time to switch roles Patrick would state maybe later and complain how Spongebob does nothing around the house. The most memorable art of that episode was when Spongebob had like fifteen arms sticking out of his body, cleaning, cooking, sweeping, dusting, ironing, holding the baby and washing dishes. All of the typical jobs of a stay at home mother.
Society kind of reminds me of a jealous person. Like I stated earlier, growing up in Germany with a maid and chef, mainly the middle and lower class families, would call me lazy and a bad housewife or some would call me “lucky.” It’s not my fault that I was born with a silver spoon. My family just happened to be wealthy, so why not pay someone who can take up the slack. Personally, I didn’t view it that way. These people were my friends. Some look at me as if I swallowed a horse when I state that my maid is my best friend. Many people have different views of who should take care of the home. Personally, I think if you see that there are dirty dishes in the sink, why not just wash them. I believe that the work should be separated evenly among the family. But not everyone believes the same thing.