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Philosophy of Our Education

At Turtle Hill, we believe that setting a goal and working towards it is one of the most things keeping the school efficient. That is why the school has both manifest and latent functions.

Turtle Hill has one of the best arts programs in the city. Every year professional painters and actors are invited to do workshops and speak in front of the school. Turtle Hill believes that through their loving support some young artists could achieve their dreams and have their work showed. Along with that Turtle Hill sponsors many history students to go on trips to see the world. These trips, raised by fundraisers, will help the students broaden both their view and their interest in local events and news. Finally, Turtle Hillís most important manifest function is to provide the best academic education ever offered in the city to give their students a better chance in the fast moving competitive society.

The latent function of Turtle Hill is to create a positive learning environment for the students. Social skills and proper manners will be taught. Students will also learn to get along with one another, and cooperate to be more efficient. By providing assistance, sports, and a studentís lodge we believe that it will help our students see everything in a more optimistic view.

Anti Drop-Out Initiatives

Why is this important?

High school dropout rates have been at an all time high. It is important that high schools come up with a plan to try to decrease these drastic numbers. Although phone calls with parents, and discussions of students have sometimes helped. Today, with our skyrocketing dropout rates we can see that the previous methods are not efficient enough. Here are some of the ways Turtle Hill Middle School will keep dropouts rates low this year.

Knowing is everything.

High school dropouts were very common in the past because there was not much need for a high school diploma. But as more and more technology converge; the demands of the employer are also increasing. Programs and assemblies will be held monthly to educate the students on the importance of staying in school and proceeding at a secondary education or trade.

Communication makes a nation.

In most school environments today, contact between the teachers and parents are extremely scarce. Ironic that in the time of vast and easy communication, there is less and less of it. Turtle Hill will now call every parent at least once every 2 months to update family about the childís academic progress.

To make it run, it must be fun.

School should not be viewed as a prison cell by the students. That is why Turtle Hill is increasing the budget of afterschool and out of school activates for the studies.

Home away from home.

School should feel like a safe place, that is why Turtle High will have a studentís lodge where there is computers, TVs, and coaches for students to feel relaxed and at home.

Anti Violence Initiatives

Turtle Hill Middle Schoolís No Violence Policy

Violence creates an extremely hazardous environment and can lead to other complications such as serious injury or law suit. That is why Turtle Hill Middle School has a strict no violence policy. Turtle Hill plans to reduce violence by initiating consoling programs to help troubled students. Turtle Hill has a strong and highly supplied amount of sports equipment. If any intentional violence has been brought to the attention of the office, the child will punished. Below explains in more detail how these plans will help reduce violence at Turtle Hill.

Firstly, Turtle Hill Middle School has hired consolers to help students deal with their difficulties. This will help reduce crime rates because the consolers are very young, so it will be easier for them to understand the studentís situations. Unlike old methods where teacher discuss with students about violence, consolers are trained and highly specialized in dealing with childrenís misunderstandings. Parents could even request a meeting with the consoler to discuss their childís situation. Helpful advice will be given about what the child is going through and the best way to help their child. This and many more reasons are why Turtle Hill Middle School spends part of its funding on school consolers.

Secondly, Turtle Hill Middle School is spending a portion of its funds in many afterschool clubs and sports teams. Growing children need to move, the theory of this is, better hitting a punching bag than each other. Turtle Hill has two gyms, one male, and one female. Outside during the summer, students have the privilege to play on a massive football field with beautiful red lined track surrounding it. The fitness center is supplied with every work out equipment one could think of. There are a variety of sports offered here coached by retired professionals. These sports include football, basketball, and many other sports such volleyball. These sports will not only strengthen students with natural abilities, create healthier lifestyles, but also will dilute the energy usually spend on violence to something more productive.

Lastly, the punishment for violence some may say is even harsh. This school has a strict policy because it is important to show to students that violence is not just frowned upon, but forbidden. This will keep the troublemakers at home and away from their learning environment until they are ready to control themselves. Keeping the bullies out of the playground will ensure your children donít get harassed.

Turtle Hill Middle School is proud of its strong programs to eliminate violence in schools. Through time they believe that the perfect learning environment will be constructed based on their policies.
Minority Protection Initiatives

Turtle Hill Middle Schoolís Minority Policy
Turtle Hill has ensured that the minority groups in the school feel that the school is an accepting and loving place. Turtle Hill has a strict minority policy which does not allow any group of people be discriminated against because of skin color, race, religion, wealth, or language. Below are the methods Turtle Hill will initiate this policy.

There are programs at lunch such as religious studies (supervised by Mr. Ieurllo) to discuss and show students that different religions can co-exist in harmony.

Skin Color
Wvery couple of months there will be an assembly talking about how important it is not to judge people by the color of their skin. Information packages will be handed out and every student will have to write a brief response about why it is important not to discriminate.

Every month a country will be picked as the monthís theme country. Posters of the countryís art, literate and stars will be put up around the school. For the children who are interested, at every lunch there will be a room where you can eat your lunch and watch a movie made by that country with English subtitles.

To ensure that no one is harassed because of their wealth families who are in need could speak to office. Cafť cash, which could be used to buy food at our cafeteria, will be given to the students daily.

Turtle Hill provides the largest offered language programs from French to German.

These programs and policies will help students feel that they are in a safe environment. This will allow them to better adapt and understand how to interact with different people.

Final Words

Throughout this report the has been the recurring theme that Turtle Hill middle school focuses more on the studentís needs than the teacherís. All rights and privileges that are standard are still provided for teachers. This school spends less money on technology, teacherís lounges, or teacher laptops, the teachers instead, experience a whole new way of teaching. Instead of becoming the punish-er/discipline-er, the evil one, teachers are viewed by the students as a guardian, a wise protector. This is the ultimate and one of the main missions of Turtle Hill Middle School. The dream is for teachers and students to cooperate and to make the community a better and friendlier environment.