Hi~~~~everyone. i recently try to write some essay to pratice my written English. Below is one of my essay and would you please help me to check if there is some thing wrong with it.
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Topic: talk about the good and bad experience in english learning.

I have the background of learning English over twelve years befor I came to Canada, but when I first entered this country, I found that I could barely say a word. Later, after I have spent several months in learning english at school, I look back at the past 12 years of english learning, and find out there are some good ways and bad ways in learning it.
In my hometown, the score of English test is pretty important. It could lead to the result that if you could assest the higher grade or not. Students always focus on writing and reading, for the english exam doesnít include spoken english, and they seldom have the opportunity to speak. Despite more than ten years of English learning, me and my classmates are hard to speak. We usually use the sentence leaned from the textbook. If somebody said the sentence in a different way, I would have no idea how to respone in english. The more I afraid of mistakes the more I didnít dare to speak. This lead to my first time came to canada lacked of the courage to speak to people. I believe that learning English should be comprehensive, and not just focus on writing and reading. In modern society, speak is a significant way of communication. The one who can get a high score in english test but could not speak correctly and fluently, is not the one that actually good at english.
After I have been in Canada, How to improve my listening and spoken english has become a main issue. My teacher suggest me to learn from watching sitcoms. At first time, I see it with subtitles, and then I read the scripts. If there were some good sentences, I would write down and recite. In addition, I tried to use these sentence when I communicated with others. After learning the script, I will see the sitcom without subtitles again and again to pratice my listening. A few months later, I progressed in listening and spoken english. Besides, I have been insisted on listening to CBC NEWS on the radio everyday. At first, I could not grasp what they were talking about. Gradually, I could fit into the conversation.
In order to expand my amount of new words, I recited the words in the dictionary everyday When I was in high shool, and I gave up before long. It was boring and difficult to recite the words without using them. Later, I found a small software from Internet which could provide a game on spelling the word based by the given explaination. I memorize 30 words a day, and use this software for testing.
These are my experiences about good ways and bad ways of english learning. English as a language should be used rather than doing exercises to cope with the exams. There is a saying: use it or lose it, I think this is the best way to explain how to lean english well.